March 27, 2009

Friday M-Cat Moment

I am now part of the M-Cat Club!!
Nice little cat nip of a surprise.
Tommy mutters over and over
How she never knew there were SO many creative cats!
Tommy's human.
Tommy's gotta sniff beyond the litter box.
Anyway, back to ME!
Who woulda ever thought
This little itty bitty cat would
Be a member of any MANcat Club?
Tommy sure took good care of us.
She's not so bad.
Even if Tommy won't always share her ice cream.
She's human.
What do you expect?
Back to ME...
I am a M-Cat Member!


Mr. Tigger said...

Hi Noir! I will make Earl Gray a Member, too. How about your Uncle MaxMax? Oh by the way are you and Earl Gray under 1 year old or over? We have an M-Cats in training for cats under a year. Thanks!
Mr. Tigger

Don's Girl said...
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Noir said...

Uncle MaxMaxx? Wow. He's so 'big boned'--but OK. He's liked that. Did I tell you, there's also my Daddy Peyton and the oldest cat in the house: Cranky Ol Sour Puss Perry? I got pictures of all em on my blog. Nobody is under a year old. Me and Brother Earl are youngest. We'll be 2 years old on June 12th.