March 28, 2009

Saturday Sleep In

So cold and windy here in Dallas today.
Tommy said she didn't have to go anywhere until afternoon.
So we all curled in bed and kept Tommy warm.
Tommy hit the TV remote to an old movie on TCM.
Come to think of it, TCM only seems to play old movies.
Anyway, it was Huckleberry Finn, with a guy named Mickey Rooney from 1939.
Tommy says the movie was made before she was even born.
She watched all of it. I did too....mostly.
OK, I slept through it...mostly.
Tommy liked it and I liked how all of us were warm.
Not bad for a Saturday.
So far.


Cliff and Olivia said...

Sounds like the nicest Saturday. Nice to meet you!

Tristan and Crikey said...

Saturday's are made for snuggles and togetherness:)

Noir said...

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Tommy says we're gonna have more TV snuggle watching tonight. We'll have to fight her for a popped corn kernal!

Elin! said...

Yes, when it is cold, the best activity is snoooozy~