March 23, 2009

ManCat Monday Microwave

Yep. Uncle MaxMaxx on the microwave
By the open window
For some bird shoppin'
And lookin' down at his food bowl.
Why isn't it full?
Priorities for my UncleMaxMaxx
I love him.


The Creek Cats said...

Oh fun....bird shoppin'!

The Island Cats said...

Maybe MaxMaxx can catch one of those birds to put in his empty bowl...

Noir said...

I think trying to catch the bird would be too much for my 'big boned' uncle! :)

The Monkeys said...

He's wishing one of those birdies were in his food bowl :)

Very cute

Noir said...

Uncle MaxMaxx says 'thank you' to all of you. He says he will purr for food..... :)

Elin! said...

bird bird bird!!

Hey Uncle Maxmaxx, nice to meet u!