March 14, 2009

Saturday Story

Cranky Ol Sour Puss Perry told us a story today about Tommy. He said she was probably out doing more happy dances like she does on Fridays. I try to ignore Perry--but he had all of wondering what in the world he talked about. Perry is usual so full of hot air. Cranky and old and all.

Well, this time Perry told us how 3 years ago--way before any of moved in (and he said when he was happier) Tommy was real sick. So sick her vet put her in the hospital. Our ears perked up.

"What? Our Tommy?"

Turns out Tommy's vet had to operate on her heart, Perry said. Something about some valve had to be replaced. She was gone for 3 weeks. Perry and Sammy didn't know where Tommy was. Like one morning she fed them, left for work and didn't come home. A strange girl human came to feed them and clean their box. She was nice, but where was Tommy?

Perry said how Sammy and him were scared.

Then one day, they heard the door open and heard their names. TOMMY! Perry said he meowed and crawled all over her. For the first two weeks, Tommy slept on the couch, because of not being too strong to climb the stairs. Perry and Sammy never left her side.

Perry said today, March 14, is the anniversary of Tommy's operation. So he knew Tommy was out having a good time. To show how having a little heart operation doesn't stop nothing! Perry said, Sammy stuck around for a a few more months, until he knew Tommy would for sure be OK. That's when Sammy went to Heaven. In Tommy's arms.

Hmm. Perry still takes care of Tommy. He makes sure she's still OK. Maybe he isn't so cranky after all.
Us not leaving any room for Tommy"ll.

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LuLu and LoLLy! said...

Hello Noir, we are 2 Maltese dogs from Austin, and we saw you on Jan's blog about the animal abuse, so we wanted to stop in and say hi, even tho we wish we had stumbled across you on a happier post, of course! Hope you are having an outstanding weekend. Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy.