March 13, 2009

Friday All For Me

Tommy started to do that dance she does every Friday. I will NOT ever understand humans on this day. Tommy says she doesn't even care that it rains outside today.

Heck, I would. I like my paws dry!

Anyway, as Tommy dances to the beat of her different drummer, I get the Friday I like. Me and Brother Earl Gray were curled to Mommy this morning. And I just happened to be her kitten who got the bath. Yea, yea, yea, I'm a mancat--but I'm always her baby.

How can Perry not be nice to my Mommy? Oh yea, he's Cranky.

Happy Friday to my purr-fect pals and their humans!


The Creek Cats said...

Happiest Friday to you all!!!

The Monkeys said...

Happy Friday to all of you too!

Noir said...

Friday is a good day for us felines too!

Elin! said...

I hAve 2 award for u!
Grab it in my blog!