March 12, 2009

Tabby Tuxie Thursday

Hmm. Me thinks Cranky Ol Sour Puss Perry does like us....a little. Eventho Mommy still runs after Perry if he steps too close to us. Mommy forgets Me and Brother Earl Gray are mancats now and not itty bitty cats anymore.

Perry sits real close to Mommy in this picture. Mommy let him sit there for a hot second. Never took her eyes off Perry.

Tommy says that's the closest Mommy and Perry have ever been. Of course, a second after Tommy took this picture, Mommy bopped Perry on the head.
Bye Bye Perry.

OK. Tommy says it is still a work in progress. I don't get that. I think Mommy just showed Perry who is REALLY the boss.


The Creek Cats said...

Sounds a lot like Chevelle and Ferris. Chevelle will slap and growl at Ferris if he just looks at her.
Hopefully Perry and Mommy will start getting along better and Chevelle and Ferris too!

Elin! said...

But the photo was taken very nicely!

Elin! said...

And thank u for purring for our late Boody~
we are grateful~

Noir said...

I think if Perry ever tried to lick Mommy's ear, they would be friends!

We still purr for Boody.