April 19, 2009

Easy Just Like Sunday Sweet

Daddy Peyton poses on this day.
Tommy always calls him her Sweetboy.
Named Daddy after football great, Walter "Sweetness' Payton
Tommy loves football and me too (Go Cowboys!)
But it's still only Spring-long time til football starts
That's OK
So on this Sunday, we all take a cue from
Daddy Peyton and just take it easy.



Cats of Wild Cat Woods said...

Just take it easy today - football will come soon enough. We are all snoozing away a rainy Sunday. Come see Two Spots yoga poses.

Noir said...

You're right.Football will come here soon enough! :) Gotta enjoy this sun filled, alittle windy day here in Dallas. Thanks for the invite to your poses--will be there!


Angel said...

It is a good day to take it easy. Enjoy!

Derby said...

Mum met the human Sweetness many years ago. He was a good person.

Noir said...

She DID?!?!?!? To meet Walter Payton--how great was that!

Anonymous said...

Right, Peyton... just take it easy. Football season is a long way away... enjoy the day.

Parker said...

Peyton is a wise kitty!