April 20, 2009

ManCat Monday Salute!

Took a good look at my baby Brother Earl Gray
He was the last one Mommy birthed on June 12, 2007
Well, it could have been still June 12 or maybe June 13
After putting Mommy and us three itty bitty cats
Safe in our own maternity ward on June 12
Tommy says when she woke up the next morning
Earl Gray made four
Either way he is my baby brother
Took a real good look at him now
Wow he's GROWN!
Does that mean I've grown too?
Anyway, on this Monday, I showcase
My Brother Earl Gray-
ManCat if ever there was one!


The Monkeys said...

He's grown into a very handsome Mancat!

The Island Cats said...

What a good looking mancat he is, too!

The Creek Cats said...

Love those handsome mankitty ears!

Angel said...

He has grown into a good looking mancat! I'll bet you jave grown a lot too!

Noir said...

Thank you being so nice!

Earl Gray (the youngest!)