April 27, 2009

Mad Monday ManCat...ME!

Tommy again with that that camera
She didn't have the picture ready
When I looked up for a moment...
And wouldn't ya know,
Tommy missed the moment.
So I continue to take a 'smile for the camera' sabbatical
As I look at my toy and sit
On a newspaper Tommy should have put for recycle.
That will show her.
Mad Monday ManCat....ME!
Will smile for treats.


The Creek Cats said...

Happy Mancat Monday!

Zeus said...

I still think it's a great photo! I love the graininess of it.

Mog said...

Yup! I like the picture too. I'm good at moving just at the wrong moment.
Mog xx

Luna said...

That is a great picture. You looks good on the newspaper.

Luna, Luzie and Olli

Angel said...

That is a good pose. Mom always misses the best shot, too!

The Monkeys said...

I bet you'll get treats even without a smile! When my mom thinks I'm mad, she bends over backwards trying to make me feel better!


Cliff and Olivia said...

It's a purrfect photo!

The Island Cats said...

Hahaha! We hope she brings treats next time!

Noir in Texas said...

Thank you for liking the picture--even tho I don't smile. Tommy's glad you like it too. I'm glad I have such great purr-pals!


Rufus Raves said...

Who says newspapers are for reading!

Noir in Texas said...

So right! Newspapers are good to prevent others from reading them.