April 11, 2009

Saturday Shot

Daddy Peyton watched us from under this chair as we had fun in a box Tommy tossed from her cleaning adventure.
But when Tommy brought out that camera-we ran.
You can only vogue SO much!
All except for Daddy Peyton.
He just hung out under the chair. No fuss. No muss. Just let Tommy snap all the while.
Tommy says Daddy Peyton is just a laid back kinda kitty.
Don't really get that, but Tommy smiles when she says it
So it must be good.


The Monkeys said...

Daddy Peyton is not only laid back but also very photogenic!

Angel said...

Daddy Peyton is a good looking Mancat that knows what life is all about!

Noir said...

You're very kind. Thank you.

Peyton (Noir and Earl Gray's Dad)

Cliff and Olivia said...

Boxes are the best. We don't mind getting photographed in them though.