April 12, 2009

Easy Just Like Sunday

Rain and some wind on this Easter Sunday.
Tommy says as long as some candy is near-it's OK.
Don't really get that.
But Tommy sure smiles as she bites off ears of a chocolate bunny!
So it must be good on this Easter Sunday
Just like Uncle MaxMaxx and the TV remote
Animal Planet, anyone?


Angel said...

Enjoy your Sunday with Tommy!

The Monkeys said...

Happy Easter to all of you!

Grrreta said...

We wish you a very happy Easter!

Noir said...

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Easter to all of you too!

Noir (and everybody else!)

Forever Foster said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by our blog, it is nice to meet you:) We hope your Easter was very happy indeed. Our mum sounds like your Tommy, she was happy as a clam with chocolate all day!