April 4, 2009

Saturday Say

I'm Edie.
My baby boys, Noir and EG (that's Earl Gray to you) call me Mommy.
Sometimes--well, alot of times Tommy, the two legged human girl, calls me Mommy too.
She thinks it's cute when I carry around her beanie babies and meow. Sometimes I bathe them.
I guess I ALL four of my babies, when they were babies.
Two of them went to another home. I miss them too.
I do love having my baby boys Noir and EG with me.
They're so big now and handsome.
Tommy likes having them too.
Noir let me write on his blog today. He's too busy watching birds with MaxMaxx.
I read your comments and surprised how many cats have blogs.
Me and Tommy,the two legged human girl, love being the only girls in a house of mancats.
They do take care of us. Even oldster Perry. We fight, but he's not so bad.
However, Tommy doesn't know why Noir and EG find and then carry around coins.
Then they drop them at Tommy's feet.
I don't get it either. But Tommy makes sure she picks up any loose change.
Because she doesn't want my baby boys to get sick.
Smart two legged girl.
I'll ask Noir if I can write on here again.
I AM his Mommy. afterall!
I could write about when I birthed Noir, his brother and sister under Tommy's bed.
EG came the next morning, when Tommy had us all safe and tucked in her bathroom.
Our own maternity ward. she called it.
Any way, I'm going to sign off for now.
Tommy has all the windows open and I want to pick one.
Thanks for reading
And thank you for welcoming my baby boy Noir.



Grrreta said...

That is such a sweet picture of you surrounded by a pile of adorable kittens. Your babies are so cute! It's so sweet that you bathe beanie babies.

Noir said...

Thank you so much! Noir told me another cat wrote me. Very nice. I'm glad you liked the picture of my babies when they were babies. The two legged girl, Tommy, took plenty of pictures. I just let her because four babies kept me busy.


The Monkeys said...

Your babies are very cute and wonderful bloggers, Edie. I'm sure Noir will let you blog again. Who could deny that cute face of yours?

Noir said...

Ahh...you're very nice! I like doing this. Talking to other cats. The two legged girl, Tommy, forever says how 'creative' cats are in the world. I will agree!