April 3, 2009

Friday Face

It's THAT day again! Tommy does that dance again, plus
Tommy is doing more twirls than normal.
See, she's telling everybody, including us (yea, like we got any money)
That April 8 is her birthday. She's old. Don't know how much. But she's old.
And she's taking the WHOLE week off!
Yep, I knew she really does loves us.
On this day, I thought I'd showcase Uncle MaxMaxx.
He's fat. But he says he's 'big boned.'
I like this picture because it shows his face.
And he's awake
And he's not doing his favorite thing:
Uncle MaxMaxx is my ideal.
Have a purr-fect Friday!


The Creek Cats said...

Tommy is one lucky girl to have the whole week off for her birthday. You guys will also be lucky cause we are sure you will get lots of attention while shes home!!

Grrreta said...

That's a great picture of Uncle MaxMaxx. He's a very handsome mancat. We love his little white feets. It is wonderful that Tommy gets a whole week off. We hope you get lots of snuggle time with her.

Noir said...

Hmm. I guess Uncle MaxMaxx is OK. Wait a minute! You love his little white feeties??? I HAVE white feeties TOO! What about mine??

Tommy is thrilled about the week off. She's on her to some garage sale. Just hope she doesn't bring alot of junk home--only unless it's something we can jump on--like table! :)

Cliff and Olivia said...

Sorry about the late comment, but our humans been lazy. Week off sounds perfect.