April 25, 2009

Settle Saturday

Last Saturday Mommy and Brother Earl Gray took over that magical DVR box
Ya know-that black box that lets Tommy and me
Visit Mayberry and Sherriff Andy Taylor and silly deputy Barney Fife
While we're still comfy cozy in bed
Barney is So funny, but what about that little boy Opie?
What ever happened to him? Hope he turned out all right....:)
Now Daddy Peyton and Cranky Ol Sour Puss Perry take command
Perry really has: "Maybe I really don't hate you"moments more often.
His 100th birthday (he's gotta be THAT old) is July 4th-is he tryin to hit us up for stuff
Daddy Peyton seems to take a snooze anywhere :)
Enough about them--what about ME?
It's Saturday. All ready bit Tommy's foot when she moved it under the blanket.
It was prey lingered too long on the savannah.
Cannot prevent a tiger to conquer his prey. Thought it was funny.
Tommy didn't
Hope she finds the next time we can go to Mayberry

Have a great Saturday!


Grrreta said...

We love to sit on the DVR too, because it is toasty warm. Excellent job getting Tommy's toes! I love to hunt toe monsters too.

Angel said...

Playing Toe Monster in bed is fun!

C said...

Sometimes we watch Mayberry too! My mom thinks Barney is funny!

Noir in Texas said...

HA! After Tommy moved some furniture last night, we DID go to Mayberry! Tommy and I both laughed when Barney bought that car from the ol lady and got scammed! You'd swear Tommy had never seen it before as much as she laughed...well, OK, me TOO!

The Island Cats said...

We heard that Opie is doing okay for himself...


Noir in Texas said...

>phew< Glad to hear Opie is OK. There's a movie coming out with a Tom Hanks (Tommy liks him too) that somebody named Ron Howard had something to do with. Ron Howard has no hair but his face sure looks familiar... :)