April 14, 2009

Tuesday Tabby Smack Down

Tommy took that camera outside when
She put food out for the birds.
Tommy said we had to stay inside.
Then Tommy saw how Uncle MaxMaxx, ME and Mommy
Seemed to be really into something
A butterfly looking thing that Tommy says
Was a moth.
Well, after Tommy took this picture
It was a GONE moth.
Mommy caught the moth and ate it.
She seemed pretty proud of herself.
I, myself do not do winged bugs.
Uncle MaxMaxx just waddled to his food dish.


The Island Cats said...

That moth never stood a chance...

The Creek Cats said...

Was it yummy???

Angel said...

At least one of you got it!

The Monkeys said...

Very good hunting skills, Mommy! We love when a moth comes into our place...very exciting!

Cliff and Olivia said...

Good catch! I've eaten lots of strange, green flies this past week at the Summer House.


Noir said...

Mommy wouldn't share that thing. I didn't care--I didn't want it anyway--it had wings!

Thanks for dropping by!