April 13, 2009

Mancat Monday Muse

Me (I'm the handsome one on the right) and Brother Earl Gray.
We've got our muse on.
Not sure I really get that.
But Tommy says she gets her muse on
When she's about to write
Right after she takes a cat nap...:)
So as Tommy heads back to work today
We'll 'muse' until she comes back home
To loves on us.


The Creek Cats said...

I think we will all muse until our mom and dad get home from work too! Great idea. Musing is great!

Angel said...

You got a good muse partner! I think we need to muse a lot today!

Elin~ said...



The Island Cats said...

Looks like you two are doing some good musing....

Noir said...

Seems I 'muse' so much I don't check my grammar or spell check good enough!

Thanks for stopping by1


The Monkeys said...

Both of you are so handsome!

Noir said...

That's what Tommy says too! Thank you!