April 2, 2009

What Those Humans Do

So Tommy opens the shower door to step out
And she looks down sees ME on the rug
Instead of saying:
"Oh my little baby Noir, sweetie pie and best striped mancat in the whole wide universe!"
Tommy says: HOW did you get in here?
See, Tommy shut the door to her litter box right in my face.
Instead of saying:
"Oh my goodness! You're sweetest and strongest snookums Noir in the whole wide universe!"
Tommy says: You need to move or you might get stepped on.
I didn't budge.
So the rug was small.
I pushed the door in to be close to HER.
Who cares if only 15 or minutes passed since the litter box door was shut in my face?
OK. Tommy tried (I think) to not step on me. She did nip some of my tail.
Instead of saying:
"Oh little baby darling Noir, most lovey dovey kitty in the whole wide universe, did I hurt you?"
Tommy says: See, I told you to move!
I budged then. I pawed the door open and took my exit.
I haven't looked at Tommy since.
Well, maybe I did. Just a little. When Tommy put down our food bowls. Priorities.
That's ONE part she got right today.
Humans. Ya gotta love em.


Anya said...

Humans are goooood people they give you food .... and love and hugs.....

Elin~ said...

Aww...don't sulk Noir..human are 'whatever!'~

But the food is very very importance!


Cliff and Olivia said...

Humans... you're right, they are a strange species. One thing they are good for is food - but we wish they tried to understand us more ;-)

Noir said...

Tommy says she needs to go get us MORE! I'm making sure her keys are in site!

Thanks for dropping by!