May 23, 2009

Before on Saturday

Good Saturday Morning All--Perry here! Shhh. It's about 12:30 Saturday morning. Everybody is asleep--including that peepsqueak kid that never meows: Noir. So I decided to take the reigns and tell you about this mancat.

See, I read another cat's blog where they showed pictures of the cats before them. WONDERFUL idea! So when Tom took my handsome picture on her piano (that she really needs to play) I remembered Tom had a picture of a cat on that same piano.


I only knew Brenner for a few weeks. He hated me. I was such a rowdy kitten, but took to Brenner right away. Trust me, Brenner didn't feel the same. He was eleven years old when I showed up, right after Tom's daddy died.Brenner didn't take too kindly to some fur-ball kitten following him everywhere.

Tom saw Brenner in Operation Kindness, a Dallas no-kill shelter, in July 1990. Tom didn't know who to pick. Tom says she thinks the shelter lady was getting tired of Tom just walking around in circles. Then the shelter lady showed her "Tiger" a white ball of fur, who was asleep. Tom picked "Tiger" up , he yawned, showed Tom his blue eyes and he licked her face. Even with that Tom said she had to think about it. So the next morning, Tom called the shelter. "Tiger" was still there, so Tom went to go get him. But there had been some other lady who saw him too, who said she'd come back for Tiger. So Tom waited until the shelter lady finally said, "You were here last night, he's yours."

"Tiger" became Brenner, for actor Yul Brynner--'cause of the Siamese in him--"The King and I"-King of Siam, ya know. Brenner's thing was to hop in basket of clean, and still so very warm clothes. Also, if Tom left an bag of white corn Doritos on the counter--the next morning the bag would be on the floor, opened and crumbs abound.

And-well, Tom had a balcony where she had bird feeder attached to the wall. Tom would keep the door open just enough so Brenner could go out. They lived on the 2nd floor. Brenner never jumped--off the balcony anyway. What he would do, is stalk the bird feeder. Tom thought it was something how Brenner would just watch the birds.

Yea, Tom thought it was really something, when Brenner started to catch the birds and bring them inside. HAHAHA! They'd go flyin' around the apartment while Brenner would take off after them and Tom would take after Brenner! Tom saved six of the seven birds Brenner caught.

Tom loved her Brenner. He hated me. Tom wanted to see us grow together. If Brenner would take to me. Never had the chance. Brenner got cancer. Just weeks after Tom buried her daddy and brought me to Dallas, Brenner joined Tom's daddy in Heaven.

To have Brenner leave just crushed Tom. It was hard, so soon after her daddy. I did my best to make Tom happy. I think I did OK. I wish I woulda gotten to know Brenner. Tom still smiles when she looks at his pictures.

Brenner hated me. But we both love Tom. That's all that matters. Hmm. I guess the peepsqueak kid Noir loves Tom too. Oh well, two outta three ain't bad.

Catnip Cheers to one before me: BRENNER!


The Island Cats said...

Hi Perry! Thanks so much for sharing Brenner's story with us. He seemed like a wonderful cat...even if he didn't like you much! We can't believe he caught birds and brought them in the house! We're gonna hafta try that!

Angel said...

What lovely memories of Brenner! Sharing always helps heal the heart! We know Tommy and you both loved him and still miss him.

Noir in Texas said...

The peepsqueak kid Noir is pretty ticked I took over his blog today---big deal. When he's the oldest cat amongst everybody--he'll see.

Glad you like the story about Brenner. The way Tommy tell it, when Brener caught the birds, he would run past Tom with it and growl at her. She got good getting them away from him.

He musta been some kinda cat.


Fin said...

Hi Noir! Thanks for dropping by and your kinds words about my blog. Come over anytime!

Your story about the one for before made us (mom and me) teary.