May 22, 2009

Some Perry Pillow Piano

Finally Friday
As Tommy took pause from that dance
She does every Friday,
There was Perry (not so much Cranky Ol Sour Puss)
On the living room ornament
Tommy calls a piano.
It's an ornament and not an instrument because
Google told me instruments need to be played
So ornament in our house
Or in Perry's case: a perch to pose
On this Friday
As it should be


The Creek Cats said...


Angel said...

It looks like Perry likes the ornament!

Cheyenne -Millie said...

My mom is also happy when it is Friday. Interesting... you have a piano... so do we. It like yours is an ornament too!!

Noir in Texas said...

Tommy says this ornament is pretty old. Her Daddy Don gave it to her one Christmas, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, she says. She threatens us--er, us, she tells us she may take lesson to it'll be an instrument again...

Stay tuned.