May 10, 2009

Easy Just Like Mother's Day Sunday

Even tho Me and Brother Earl Gray
Are now great big handsome (Me more than Brother) ManCats
We still know where the best place is to be...
Sure, we go our seperate way sometimes
Brother likes camp out on the wooden thing Tommy calls a piano
Tommy nevers uses it so how does she know the name?
And I like a window.
But when all is said and done
We great big handsome ManCats (Me more than Brother)
Go to where the gettin' is still good:
The way is should always be on this Sunday


The Island Cats said...

Oh so cute! Happy Mother's Day to your mommy!

Angel said...

Happy Mothers Day to Tommy and Mommy! It looks like you are giving her the best Mothers day!

Noir in Texas said...

Thank you! Happy Mother's Day to your house too!


Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

Sweet photo. Happy Mom's Day to all moms.