May 9, 2009

Saturday Sweet Stuff

Saturday. Am so happy.
This morning all of us were curled in bed and Tommy couldn't budge
That's how it should be
Uncle MaxMaxx then had some issue with this big mirror,
Tommy sat on the closet floor. Uncle paw'd at it--like to get at the kitty inside.
Which, was--well HIM. Why didn't Tommy have her camera then?
And this picture--a little fuzzy, yet gotta love it.
My Mommy and Daddy Peyton doing a nose nudge.
And to think their nose nudge two years ago got me here!
That's how it was suppose to be.


Reese =^..^= said...

Awwwwwwww, that is so sweet!

Noir in Texas said...

Tommy doesn't get enough pictures of my Mommy and Daddy Peyton together. I wish she did. They are sweet together--Tommy says so.

Angel said...

That is a sweet nose nudge! We found other kitties in the mirror's too!

Noir in Texas said...

When Uncle sees that other kitty--that looks like him, it's kinda like she' digging thru the wall!

C said...

Sweet nose nudge! It is good they nudged... so now there is a you!

The Monkeys said...

That's a very sweet picture! Happy Mother's Day to your Mom