May 7, 2009

Tabby Turn

My Brother Earl Gray
He's not sleep, nor head in the food bowl
Brother had just flopped down in front of Tommy
Who was in midst of taking more blasted pictures!
Just wait until TOMORROW-I get Tommy back!
You'll see
Anyhoo, Brother Earl Gray flopped, stretched and
Then tried to do his best Olympic Tabby Turn
He stopped in mid action
No medal for him,
But Brother Earl is always gold in my book!


The Creek Cats said...

Earl Gray is gold to us too!! You all are!

Noir in Texas said...

ahhh....Thank you! I'll tell Earl Gray-he's in a window now. Tommy put some bird food out and well--a flock is in our back yard!

Angel said...

Earl Grey is talented. We never heard of the Tabby turn! It looks fun!