March 2, 2015

Monday Mooch Moment

Mommy AND Tommy hissed at me---ME---because of Mooch.
Why?  See, what happened was, Mooch's third "Gotcha Day aka The Day MY life was Ruined" was on Feb. 27. I secretly hoped everybody would forget. I mean, it's MOOCH--c'mon!
Turns out, both Mommy and Tommy said they'd hoped I'd gotten over my 'issues' with She-Bad Cat  and I would mention Mooch's coming inside on my blog....MY blog....hmm. I won't bore you with the scowls and not as many scritches that didn't happen, and get on with the Mooch moment. *sigh*

I went back and looked what I typed a year ago, about Her Royal BadCat  Mooch's Gotcha Day. My whiskers tickled, because it seems like not a whole lot has changed in a year (I wonder if Dr. Phil is available?)  So instead of me writing a whole bunch of how Mooch loves all over Tommy, hisses at me, cuddles to Daddy Peyton and TALKS beyond compare--I put the link to last year's post. 

And next year--it's just gotta get better with Mooch--and maybe I'll stop chasin' her to show who's boss...oops, did I say that? 


Lone Star Cats said...

MOL! Happy Gotcha Day Mooch!

Summer said...

Happy gotcha day to Mooch! Although I guess it wasn't exactly a happy day for EVERY kitty...

The Island Cats said...

Oh Noir...I can so relate to your situation. I've got Zoey the She Devil living here. But Happy Gotcha Day to Mooch. ~Wally