January 12, 2009

Monday Marvels.

I'm Perry the Orange Tabby, or as I'd like to say: City Tiger. That kid, Noir-you know him: the gray and white striped one-says I'm cranky. What does HE know anyway? Some young buck cat kid who at this very moment bugs Tom (I call her Tom, not Tommy) to play fetch. She's busy right now. But the kid cat won't let her be. While he's driving Tom crazy I thought I'd get a few words in. To set the record straight. The kid says I'm OLD. GRRRRRRRRRRR.

The kid Noir doesn't get I've been with Tom since 2001--when I was just a kid. About four or five months then. Tom says it was October 2001 when we met. She was back in Iowa because her Daddy has just gone to Heaven. Tom was really sad. One morning, Tom says she opened her Daddy's backdoor to throw out corn for the squirrels and that's when saw a bundle of orange dart to it the corn: ME.

The next few days, Tom would sit outside after she brought me food. I would get close and she would talk to me. She said she sad, but I was still a little scared. But I would sit by her a little bit longer each day. Then one morning, I waited for her by the door. She came outside and I let her pick me up. I nosed her cheek and purred. I was happy and I wanted Tom to be happy. On our drive back to Dallas, I slept on Tom's shoulder. Turns out I gave her ringworm. Tom says she forgave me. She knew it was because I'd lived outside until she brought me in and after she realized her arm wouldn't fall off.

Tom told people I looked like a kitten she had a long time ago named Tiger Paw. She saw him one night and then not again. He had to be an outdoor cat, her mom said. That always made Toms sad. October 2001, with her Daddy gone to Heaven,to be with her mom, Tom always said her parents sent me to help her not be so sad. That's why I know we'll be together forever-even is this kid Noir and rest of em drive me NUTS. Tom's happy. I can put up with them for that!

And Tom's Daddy? Fun ol' guy he is. I like to catch the circles of smoke he puffs from his cigar.

Don't tell Tom.

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