April 10, 2009

Whistle While

It's Friday.
Tommy has done that SAME dance she does
Every Friday every day this week.
It's been nice to see
Tommy is now back in our back bedroom.
Which looks the same it looked the other day
When Tommy announced to clean it was her goal
She did get us fed today.
So as Me, Mommy and Uncle MaxMaxx fit in this window,
Tommy cleans...,
Unless the urge to sit outside in the Dallas sunshine
Wins out.
Oh these humans---
They just need to find their own window and CHILL!

Happy Friday everyone!


Angel said...

It looks like you are enjoying an open window. Mom won't open our windows cause the West Texas fires are making the air smoky and it makes Mom cough and sneeze!

Noir said...

Tommy can smell the Texas wild fires too--says especially if she sniffs North. She thought somebody was having a bar-b-q and didn't invite US! Take care of your Mom. Paw her some tissue when she sneezes.

The Monkeys said...

Happy Friday to you too! You guys look very comfy in that window

Noir said...

It was a tight fit, but we made it. It's gotten a little cooler now and Tommy has shut the windows...DRAT!

The Creek Cats said...

Sunshine is pretty hard to pass up!

Poppy Q said...

How cute, we hope you gets lots of window time and sunbeams this weekend.

Noir said...

...and the sun shines now...well, it did! *sigh*

Cliff and Olivia said...

We just love the picture. Sunshine...