December 31, 2008

My Favorite Thing

This little stuffed mouse (Tommy says she got it from somebody named Wal Mart) is my favorite thing to play with. It's on a piece of string where it can dangle and I can jump high to get it. Tommy says I'm crazy when I do that. I played so much with it, I pulled the string from the little stuffed mouse. So what to do? The toy wasn't as much fun to play fetch with Tommy or just play and drag it around the house without the string. I wonder what a real mouse tastes like? Tommy says she hopes we don't find out. That would mean mouses would be in the house and she'd scream. For my toy, Tommy wrapped the string around the little stuff mouse's neck. Tight. She swears this is the closet I'll get to a real one. Here's a picture of ME with my Uncle MaxMaxx. He's fat. In the middle is my little stuffed mouse with the string around his neck.


Everycat said...

Thing is chaps, that if there was a live mousie in da housie, it wouldn't be live for very long and it would also be inside you, so Tommy wouldn't need to scream and allllll would be well.


PS: Uncle MaxMaxx is very handsome too!

The Monkeys said...

We feel like we're going back in time...because we weren't even blogging yet when you posted this!

Nice to meet you ;)

Angel and Kirby said...

We are sorry we did not get to know you all the way back then!

Cats in trees said...

We have a question. We are not born yet, how come we can read this?
Sorry we can't tell you how a real mousie tastes. We caught some in the future, but we never get to eat them.

Noir the Texas Tabby said...

Ahh, my chums, Cats in Trees--you can read this because on my today's post, I linked back to it for everybody to see! It's cool to know you guys weren't even gracing us with your presence yet--but you are NOW!


Fin said...

Hi Noir from the past. Happy almost blogoversary.